Sebastian Greenwood Says OneCoin Isn’t About Cryptocurrency

Sebastian Greenwood, famous for his involvement in scams such as Loopium, Prosper Inc., SiteTalk, and recent cryptocurrency fraud BigCoin has made some rather interesting statements regarding OneCoin and the OneLife network. Greenwood left OneCoin recently along with other leaders such as Igor Alberts who firmly believes OneCoin to be a scam.

The Video Breakdown

The Opening Conflict

The shaky footage video above shows Greenwood speaking at a OneLife event in Kuala Lumpur. In the first few seconds of the video, he begins with an interesting statement.

“It’s only through you people who have these coins. It’s only you who has made this possible. It’s not Dr. Ruja, it’s not me, it’s only you. Without you, we would have nothing. Do you understand? You made this happen together with me, toghether with the company.”


As conflicting as the statement above is, this feels like something out of a Derren Brown skit to exonerate himself and Dr. Ruja and push the onus onto the crowd. Sebastian Greenwood is being rather tactful with his words which will become evident in his next few statements.

OneAcademy, not OneCoin is The Product

“The OneAcademy is the product. The OneAcademy is the product we sell.”

This statement may seem like it’s been placed by chance, but he is calling forward to the shocking points he is going to make later in the speech. For now, skip to 18:10 to get past some of his ramblings for his confessions.

The Wisest Things He Says

Sebastian Greenwood claims the next few words will be the wisest things he has ever said. We will let you be the judge of that.

“Time is your only enemy. What we have achieved so far with the mining. With the free projects that the company gave us to mine tokens  for free. We never paid for a single token in this company.  We never paid for anything in terms of cryptocurrency. We only gave the opportunity to learn through educations to mine the coi..the tokens to become coins  for free.”


Okay, so does this mean he alone didn’t pay for OneCoin? Does that mean other people paid for cryptocurrency? There are lots of frees and talks about paying for education. Can someone still use OneLife for cryptocurrency mining? What exactly is he talking about?

“We gave you a free opportunity but that opportunity is dying out. We can no longer give you things for freeFree is not the key element anyway. You can invest in your education. But you cannot invest in cryptocurrency. Not with OneLife Network. Remember, and you know … all of you know out there. You might think that you invested in cryptocurrency. You did not. You did not-not do that.What you did is that you invested your brains. To think. And believe. That cryptocurrency is the new future of payments. And congratulations to you.”

So We Invested In Education?

Oh, I get it now. Sebastian says people didn’t actually invest in cryptocurrency. People only invested in education and their brains to think and believe, whatever that means. At this point, I’d advise you to stop for a moment. If someone asked you to invest money into something with the promise of higher return because they made money that way, would it cross your mind that the thing being sold is exclusively education? I thought not. But what about the mining and centralized servers that were always force fed? Wasn’t that what they were asking people to invest in?

He Never Asked You To Invest In Cryptocurrency

“Through …the power of the people to do a free project. It’s been all for free. We never asked you …Dr. Ruja never asked you …I never asked you …to pay money for this cryptocurrency. We did not. We instructed you to educate yourself. To learn more about the financial world. About cryptocurrency. And join this product for free. So you, if you come and say to me “Wow, I made money from this cryptocurrency.” I say, well, congratulations ‘cause you came in for free. Nobody asked you for the money for these tokens or these coins. We only asked you to become smarter by joining the OneAcademy. By educating yourself. And we gave you a free project.”


Left to Right – Former OneCoin leader Juha Parhiala, the missing Ruja Ignatova and former OneCoin leader Sebastian Greenwood

Anyone who says Sebastian Greenwood or Ruja Ignatova were promoting cryptocurrency is a liar. He just said he never asked you to do that! All your OneCoin tokens were free. He uses the word 12 times in his speech. The only thing you paid for was education. He clearly instructed you to educate yourself about cryptocurrency, not invest in it.

Where is Sebastian Greenwood Now?

Shortly after his speech in Kuala Lumpur, Sebastian Greenwood along with other top leaders left OneCoin. It’s horrific that people actually cheered this speech of his, seeing as he is clearly trying to distance himself from OneCoin and it being sold as a cryptocurrency. With a former record like his, I would be wary of his next moves.

If you invested in OneCoin and you feel that your investment was purely based on education and nothing else then Sebastian says you got what you paid for. Your sentiment, however, will not be shared by other members or former members of OneCoin. Some of whom have put their entire life savings on the line in the hopes that OneCoin will someday be worth more than it actually is. The truth, however, is that education alone does not appreciate in value. Ensure you check out the OneCoin Victims Support Groups to get in touch with people that may be able to assist you.

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