OneLife / OneCoin Victims Support Groups

Many of the victims of the OneCoin scheme have taken to social media to seek out both assistance and support. Fortunately, the groups comprise of people from all over the world, including people heavily involved in the cryptocurrency world, lawyers and more. Unfortunately, the groups are growing every day. An indication as to just how many people have handed money over to OneCoin. Find out how you can join the OneCoin victims support groups below.

Aims of The Groups

The points outlined by Jennifer McAdam, an advocate for justice regarding the OneCoin situation are as follows:

  1. To help, support OneCoin victims as we seek the truth and indeed justice with the end goal to achieve a victims asset recovery fund.
  2. Focus on a group litigation also known as a class action lawsuit for OneCoin members who are interested in going down this legal route and to also offer support to OneCoin members who may choose to go down the route of a private action lawsuit regarding their uplines/sponsors/OneCoin.
  3. To assist Law Enforcement, far and wide, to bring the top criminals and scammers, internationally, to justice and to further assist in victim support and asset recovery.

Jennifer is one of the victims of the OneCoin scheme and has taken it upon herself along with many others to try and assist people that feel they have been a part of a Ponzi scheme.

WhatsApp Groups

There are currently three WhatsApp groups. WhatsApp has a limit of 256 members per group which is why there are multiple groups. Click on any of the links below to join a group if you feel victimized by OneCoin and are seeking assistance or guidance.

  1. International Group One
  2. International Group Two
  3. African Group

Facebook Group

The Facebook group is also run by Jenifer McAdam and due to being a closed group requires an admin to approve your joining request. The reasoning behind this is due to the sheer backlash from current OneCoin members. It is unfortunate that many OneCoin members avoid proper discussion and make hateful remarks towards victims within the group.

Are you a part of any of the victim groups? Have you got any advice for victims of OneCoin? Let us know in the comments below.

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